Tracy Zervakis

Tracy was born with a Chiari Malformation 1 and didn’t become symptomatic until she was 31 years old and developed associated additional Rare Disorders. Through her journey she realized she had to help others not have as difficult path to follow.

Tracy worked with 40,000 International Rare Disease Patients to improve their daily lives and continues to Advocate for all Patients on a broader forum. Her background and education is in Managed Health Care.

Tracy started “Patients For Clinical Research” with another EPatient/ Patient Advocate, Author and friend, Casey Quinlan. Since starting they have recruited eight additional Patient Specialists to help develop strategies, and to create a patient education platform.

She is a 2013 MedX EPatient Scholar, an active Member of the Society of Participatory Medicine, and most importantly — a proud educated, dedicated Patient Advocate.