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CureClick Launches Clinical Trial Recruiting Media Platform

Costa Mesa, Calif. – October 5, 2016CureClick today announced the launch of CureClick Media, a new media platform that drives quality patient referrals across dozens of diseases and conditions.

Clinical trial recruitment is critically important to and one of the most difficult challenges facing pharmaceutical companies throughout the drug development and approval process. Navigating the myriad complex obstacles of quickly and affordably recruiting the right patients for the right trials is a problem directly addressed by CureClick Media.

Research has shown that patients turn to online influencers for information about clinical trials they can trust and understand*. Since 2014, CureClick has built a network of more than 5,000 influencers with a combined reach of more than 20 million potential clinical trial participants. CureClick has successfully recruited for more than 30 trials and has generated tens of thousands of patient referrals. Now, CureClick is making the power of this network available through CureClick Media.

“Until now, patient communities have been notoriously difficult to access for organizations recruiting for clinical trials. At the same time, this is often the first—and often only--place patients and caregivers go to find information," explained Fabio Gratton, CureClick CEO and Co-Founder. "CureClick Media provides the keys to unlock virtual doors, deploying a powerful media platform with a new type of micro-targeting to generate high-quality referrals.”

CureClick Media provides custom-designed media plans for agencies using their proprietary and scalable media channel to convey clinical trial information to targeted influencers, who then use CureClick tools to deliver this information to their audiences who are motivated to respond. This provides efficient and effective returns, and is the first time agencies have been able to easily and directly reach online communities of people who are highly engaged and seeking information regarding specific diseases and conditions.

“CureClick provides us with a valuable and unique service,” said Kathleen A. Stevens, Director of Marketing and Development, National Network of Depression Centers. “They have helped us get important messages out to the community through trusted influencers.”

Traditionally, patients and caregivers have struggled to access and fully understand clinical trial information, while organizations have had to reach often millions of people to generate the referrals needed for specific clinical trials. CureClick Media addresses both of these issues.

Barby Ingle, award-winning chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and president of the International Pain Foundation, said: “CureClick gives me the tools I need to build awareness of specific clinical trials with my audience, motivate fellow patients to learn more, and actively participate. I have been blogging since 2009, and with CureClick, I have the tools to find the people within the community for whom particular clinical trials are relevant, and make sure they have actionable information about them.”

In addition to clinical trial recruitment, the CureClick platform has been used to raise funds for research opportunities and help increase awareness and education about the importance of medical research.

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About CureClick

CureClick is a privately held digital health company that uses the world’s first proprietary crowdsourcing platform to enlist patient opinion leaders to educate the public about the value of clinical research, disseminate patient-friendly information with their social networks, build awareness of specific sponsor trials, and facilitate the process for identifying and enrolling suitable participants. For more information, visit

*Ido Hadari, “Social Media: The New Clinical Research (And Marketing) Tool,” Clinical Leader, August 5, 2015,

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