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CureClick Brings Patient Voices to the Cancer Moonshot Summit

Yesterday, CureClick joined leaders of cancer research, patient advocates, and Vice President Joe Biden at the Cancer Moonshot Summit in a collaborative effort to accelerate the quest to cure cancer. We are honored and proud to have represented the patient community in this significant event.

Cc cancer moonshot coo

CureClick COO Brian Poeschl with Cancer Moonshot Task Force member Lynne O’Brien

“The goal of the moonshot is to propel us forward today,” Biden said on Wednesday at Howard University for the Cancer Moonshot Summit.

The Cancer Moonshot Task Force’s mission is to double the rate of progress in cancer research and treatment toward a cure, striving to accelerate what could be achieved in ten years in just five.

“Part of the moonshot … from my view, is honoring Beau and the life he lived.”  Biden’s son, Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, Former Delaware Attorney General, died in May 2015 after a two-year battle with brain cancer — nearly 700,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor, and approximately 78,000 more will be diagnosed in 2016. As for all cancers, in 2016, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed and 595,690 cancer deaths in the US. The White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force is committed to a national effort to end cancer as we know it.

Vice President Joe Biden wants to hear from everyone and anyone who plans to launch a pioneering collaboration aimed at breaking down a barrier that is impeding progress in cancer research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or care.

“Whether you represent industry, government, a health system, non-profit, philanthropy, research institute, professional society, patients, or others, I want to hear from you.” – Vice President Joe Biden.

Hearing from Patients and Caregivers

One of the main topics during the Moonshot brainstorming sessions focused on putting the patient at the center of access and care. There is currently a great barrier between patients and access to clinical trials. Too often, we see misinformation and stigma discourage patients from considering potentially life-changing trials. It’s extremely important to debunk these myths.

We focused on making sure the voice of the patient was heard at the summit.

Cc cancer moonshot patient board

Twitter hashtag #CanServe was used to capture ideas for ending cancer and how each person can play an important role in contributing ideas and action.

CureClick asked patients and health advocates about their Cancer Moonshot ideas:

“I believe in order to continue to help millions with not only a cancer cure, but other diseases in search of answers, we must educate the general public more effectively on participating in clinical trials. There is too much misinformation, fear and lack of information about the benefits to themselves and others for helping unlocking the mysteries we strive to defeat through research.” — Kathy

“I think that there should be a voluntary genetic database for those who want to have their genomes mapped and compared, particularly helpful when one has cancer, especially multiple kinds of cancer, in their family or personal history. I think that that might speed the finding of cures.” — Kara Leigh

“To create an online repository where cancer research can be shared with other researchers and possibly include an area in the repository site where ideas can be put forth.” — Cathy

What can you do to help end cancer?

Submit your ideas to the White House! In an effort to further support the Cancer Moonshot initiative, CureClick created a free service to help non-profits, advocacy groups, and other organizations spread the word about important health initiatives with the public: Cancer Moonshot – submit ideas and spread awareness to end cancer.

To help make sharing easier, you can use the CureClick platform to tweet or post:

Cc cancer moonshot platform

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