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20 Years in the Making: Reflections and Predictions

Biggest Opportunity: The biggest opportunity to unlock in our sector of the life-sciences community is patient empowerment. Early phase drug development has a cascading effect across the rest of the pharma life cycle, even the smallest strategic decisions having significant, potentially multi-billion dollar consequences further downstream. By circumventing the traditional communication roadblocks between pharma companies and patients through influential, well-informed, and trustworthy patient ambassadors, the industry has an unprecedented opportunity to listen and integrate end user insights like never before. Therapeutics that otherwise might not be considered — and others that shouldn’t be — can stand the test of patient input. And clinical trials, often stubbornly resistant to change and challenged by a paucity of qualified subjects and alarmingly low retention, may finally flourish thanks to patients guiding and motivating other patients to better understand and enthusiastically participate in them.

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