My Relationship With CureClick

This page was created by the folks at CureClick to help me easily share with you everything about my role as a CureClick Trial Ambassador.

What is CureClick?

CureClick is an initiative developed in partnership with WEGO Health designed to help accelerate medical advances by empowering Health Activists (i.e., consumer health advocates) with tools and resources to spread the word about important clinical trials that are looking for volunteers.

Why Did I Become a CureClick Trial Ambassador?

I became a CureClick Trial Ambassador because I believe that, with the right amount of time and energy, I can help connect people in my community to ongoing trials; and that by doing so new investigational drugs and devices will be carefully studied, some of which will go on to save many lives.

How Did I Become a CureClick Trial Ambassador?

In order to become a CureClick Ambassador I participated in a mandatory online training seminar. CureClick believes that educating the general public about clinical trials is critical, regardless of whether someone would benefit from a clinical trial at that given moment. In addition, sharing information about specific clinical trials is not trivial — and must be done in accordance with a strict set of rules — and CureClick trained me on the rules of engagement for information-sharing as well. My CureClick privileges can be revoked at any time if I violate any of the rules.

Can Anyone Become a CureClick Trial Ambassador?

Yes, CureClick is open to all who are interested in helping medical progress by finding patient volunteers for clinical trials, and receiving compensation for their efforts. We do require a few parameters to join. These are completing an orientation which includes education on CureClick and clinical trials, and agreeing to our terms and conditions. To join CureClick and become a CureClick Clinical Trial Ambassador, sign up here.

Am I Being Compensated?

CureClick believes that in order to build a sustainable business that asks everyday citizens, like me, to enroll, train, and spend precious time sharing information with others, then those people should be compensated for their efforts. At the moment, CureClick provides a stipend to those who decide to enroll in the program, which can be taken either in the form of an Amazon gift certificate or a donation to a charity of your choice.

What is the Relationship Between CureClick and Antidote?

CureClick has partnered with Antidote because of the company’s commitment to making it easier for patients to find out about and take part in clinical trials. Antidote provides the single-largest database of clinical trials currently available and it is their mission to provide this information in a way that is easy for patients to understand. Antidote is free for patients and it is also free for researchers to distribute patient-friendly versions of their trial to millions of patients. Antidote supports its efforts by collecting fees from researchers to use premium features of their site. As part of this partnership, Antidote shares a percentage of those fees with CureClick.

Where Can I Learn More About CureClick?

The best way to learn more is to speak with the people at CureClick, and the best place to start is talking to Jessica Moon, the friendly gal who heads up community relations. She can be reached by writing

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