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Erin Smith was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1981, so she has been eating gluten-free almost her entire life. Erin has a unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and gluten-free expertise with others. Erin has embraced her Celiac Disease diagnosis and lives her gluten-free life to the fullest.

Erin has been writing her gluten-free lifestyle website Gluten-Free Fun since 2007. On her website, she takes an upbeat approach to living gluten-free just as she does in in her life. She gives honest product reviews, restaurant suggestions, general tips and more about not only living, but thriving with Celiac Disease.

In 2011, from a hotel room in Prague, Czech Republic, Erin launched Gluten-Free Globetrotter®. This website encourages those with celiac disease to travel the world and not be scared about eating gluten-free away from home. This website also shares gluten-free travel tips, international celiac resources, itinerary planning assistance, and positive reinforcement to those who are gluten-free and want to travel the globe. As someone living with Celiac Disease for more than thirty years, all of Erin’s travels have always been gluten-free. She’s been to 28 states, 18 countries, 3 continents, and always 100% gluten-free!

When she is not gluten-free globetrotting, Erin is the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, a social community of people with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerances. Over ten years of leadership, Erin was able to increase membership in this group to over 1,950 members. Thanks to Erin’s tireless efforts, the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group is now the largest gluten-free Meetup group in the world. With regular social and educational events, Erin is the leader in gluten-free activities in the tri-state area.