Amy Ohm

Amy Ohm is the founder and CEO of Treatment Diaries is a private online patient community that allows patients, caregivers and healthcare advocates to share their personal journeys with illness anonymously and to read the accounts of others.

Ohm’s melanoma diagnosis inspired her to establish Treatment Diaries. She didn’t find many places where she could anonymously share and learn from others.

The Treatment Diaries platform provides a place where patients can “make authentic, quality [and] lifelong connections,” Ohm told In addition, they can learn from the experiences of others who face the same medical issues, in a safe, private environment.

Treatment Diaries is changing social by bringing significant value to the healthcare marketplace through the connections of those living with and caring for those with a chronic illness. By virtue of exchanging insights and gathering information, consumers are beginning to take action, building toward maintaining healthier behaviors despite living with a chronic condition.