AnneMarie Ciccarella

Amy Cleaver is a passionate health activist who strives to share the power of social media with others struggling with health issues. She began her work as a health activist in 2009 after she spent time seeking support for her own health issues. As a result, she began blogging and participating in online communities, originally for her own support, but quickly as a way to help offer support to others and to bring together communities. She created the Mental Health and Social Media Chat (#mhsm) on Twitter in February of 2010 which was successful in creating a worldwide community of those who desired connecting and discussing mental health topics and creating awareness for many issues that are often not discussed. Eventually, Amy turned the handle and controls over for the chat as life became increasingly more full, but she remains passionate about mental health issues among others. Chronic pain conditions, Fibromyalgia and Autism are also health issues that Amy finds of particular interest as they also effect her life directly.

Currently, Amy is a full-time mom and wife while she also works as a Social Media Project Manager and Virtual Assistant. As a mom to 5 now, she is working hard to continue engaging with the health activist community and share her passions online. She is excited to be a part of the CureClick community as this provides another avenue for sharing information and access to health care that is far too often overlooked and misunderstood.