CureClick increases clinical trial awareness and accelerates patient recruitment by enabling influential members of online communities to easily find and disseminate accurate, patient-friendly information with their social networks.

The CureClick Team

We have gathered a dynamic team of experts to drive the success of CureClick

CureClick Team

Fabio Gratton

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for architecting the vision and team for CureClick.

CureClick Team

Robert Stuckey

Product Manager

Responsible for building, maintaining, and evolving the CureClick product.

CureClick Team

Kristi Kamei

Design Director

Responsible for design look and feel for the CureClick brand.

CureClick Team

Jeremy Franz

Product Engineer

Connecting the dots to produce the full-stack CureClick application.

CureClick Team

Brian Poeschl

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for operationalizing the CureClick vision.

CureClick Team

Ross Fetterolf

Brand Experience Lead

Focused on creating the optimal CureClick customer experience.

CureClick Team

Jessica Moon

Community & Marketing

Responsible for CureClick community relationship management.

CureClick Team

Mikey Wills

Product Designer

Leading the charge when it comes to all things design and front-end.

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Creating waves in the clinical trial marketplace

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